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Bakugan: Invasion on Earth

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Bakugan: Invasion on Earth

Post by Vampyre on Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:56 pm

Indent An alarm is sounding. People outside of the room are yelling to try to get Vampyre out of bed. it is a Saturday morning in Piro Town.
Indent “Ugh. Morning already?” Vampyre said as he was getting out of bed. “What’s with all the yelling already? Can’t a kid get some rest?!”
Indent “Get down here Vampyre. Novus is waiting on you! He found something you might need to know about!!!” Yelled Vampyre’s mother while she was cooking breakfast.
Indent Vampyre gets out of bed, gets dressed, then heads down stairs to see what all the yelling is about. Vampyre then trips down the stair and falls the rest of the way down like a ball rolling down a hill then lands face first on the hard wood floor.
Indent “See what happens when a kid can’t get some sleep!” said Vampyre when he got up off the floor.
Indent “Come eat breakfast then after that, Novus needs to have a talk with you” said Vampyre’s mother while placing Vampyre’s plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

Indent About ten minutes later, After Vampyre and Novus finish eating breakfast, they go up to Vampyre’s room to talk.
Indent “What did you need to talk with me about?” Vampyre said as he got a Dr. Pepper out of his mini refrigerator.
Indent “There have been reports on the web about Bakugan Disappearing!” Novus yelled as he got the website up on his laptop.
Indent “I thought all Bakugan went back to Vestroia after Drago defeated…” A mysterious but familiar voice was heard at that moment. The whole room started shining really bright. The next thing Vampyre and Novus know, There were two marble-like figure flying right in from of them.
Indent “Long time no see Vampyre” Tears came to Vampyre’s eyes.
Indent “is that really you Lumigrowl? Vampyre said as he walked towards the flying blue sphere.
Indent “ Yes, ‘tis me. There’s been trouble in Vestroia since you last left. A strange person by the name of Rize has been using his new found Doom Card to trap Bakugan in the Doom Dimension!!!” Lumigrowl yelled. “Rize has come to Earth now and we fear you two might be in trouble”. Novus then starts walking towards Lumigrowl.
Indent “Did my partner happen to come with you?” Novus asked.
Indent “Yes he did. In fact, Atmos is on your shoulder waiting for you to notice him” Lumigrowl laughed. Novus starts dancing around, happy to see Atmos. Both Lumigrowl and Vampyre agreed to limit him on soda so he won’t be so hyper during future visits.
Indent “We better start looking for Rize before it’s too late” said Vampyre.

Indent Indent To Be Continued


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